The training and leadership tracks at Faith Family School of Leadership give students practical, relevant hands-on experience that prepares them for a successful launch and future within ministry and leadership. Students are trained and equipped in and through specific areas of interest by direct guidance from leaders and pastors enabling them to develop into world-class leaders.



Campus Experience / Pastoral



The Campus Experience Track provides students with a diverse hands-on ministry experience at a specific campus. Students in this track will assist in creating environments and setting a culture where people can experience God’s presence. Students will work closely with volunteers, lead groups and teams, and plan and execute campus events.


The Pastoral Track provides students the opportunity to assist in ministering to anyone who calls Faith Family home. In this track, students will gain highly diversified hands-on personal ministry experience by working closely with our Family Care team. Students in this track will observe personal ministry appointments, participate in a variety of Family Care led events, like weddings and hospital visitations, perform care calls, and complete administrative work. This track is currently specific to the Freedom campus.


Currently Closed


OUTREACH – Currently Closed

At Faith Family Church, we go to reach people far from God and serve others—locally and globally. The Outreach Track is designed for students to assist in carrying out this vision by supporting staff and volunteer leaders in our various outreach ministries. Students in this track will prepare materials and resources for our correctional facilities, coordinate local outreach events, and facilitate worship experiences and small group environments at various outreach facilities.

School of Leadership

Gain experience



Students who pursue The School of Leadership Track will gain hands-on experience in project management, planning, organizing, executing, and preparing environments for all events, student life, admissions, and classroom environments.

Creative Arts

Worship / Communications Technical Arts / Video / Design



The Worship Track allows musically inclined students to grow and nurture their talents by creating worship environments where church members of all ages can encounter the presence of God. Students in this track will work closely with Faith Family Worship, creating set lists, planning for weekend worship experiences and large events, preparing for rehearsals, and working closely with volunteers.


Students that join the Communications Track will create content that moves people to action through various creative outlets, such as social media, caption creation, and event planning. The communications team plays a vital role in cultivating the voice of Faith Family across all platforms. Students in this track have the opportunity to add value in our efforts to communicate to our church family and beyond.


The Technical Arts Track allows students who are technologically inclined to gain hands-on experience in audio and  lighting.   In this track, students will learn how to install, operate, and repair technical equipment around the church, as well as assist in operating professional sound systems and stage lighting. This track is designed to develop students to work alongside other ministry areas to create and enhance worship experience environments in an effort to position church members in the best possible position to receive from God.


The Video Track focuses on multiple aspects of digital media production, ranging from hands-on post-production experience to operating within a team in live production. Students who select the Video Track can expect to gain expertise in Adobe Creative Suite by assisting in the creation of all   church   media,   including   worship   experiences,   online   campus   content,   broadcast   television, and   social   media.   Students   also   have   the   opportunity   to   lead   in   video   production,   which is responsible for all live and broadcasted events.


Students that join the Design Track will have creative freedom to concept and create design elements that provide visual communication for the church. The design team resources all church departments with digital and print design needs, such as promotional material, series artwork, social media posts, and event branding. Students in this track have the opportunity to lead on the church’s media team, providing photography for all worship experiences.


College / High School Junior High / Kids



Students in the United Track will gain hands-on youth ministry experience in the church's high school ministry. Students in the U Track will gain hands-on ministry experience in the church’s college ministry. In either track, students will learn how to disciple students, plan services and events, and lead groups and teams. Each week students will have the opportunity to impact the lives of high school students or young adults through weekly worship experiences and campus outreach.


Students in the United JV Track will assist in the discipleship of junior high students as they grow in their relationship with God and others. Students in this track will help prepare and play a part in the weekend worship experiences where they will help create an environment where students feel accepted and safe. Students will have a role in leading groups, planning events and activities, and creating discipleship material.


Students who pursue the United Kids Track will have the opportunity to help kids in grades one through four know Jesus, learn the Bible, and know God and the power of His Spirit. Students in this track will help prepare and play a part in the weekly worship experiences that allow children to encounter God whether online or onsite. Students will learn how to minister to children, plan for events, create games and activities for kids, and work with volunteers.

Credit Hours

12 Academic Credit Hours +3 Practicum Credit Hours