About Faith Family School of Leadership

Faith Family School of Leadership is a place designed for students to come and gain hands-on ministry training, develop real-life experience, and pursue academic endeavors. As a ministry of Faith Family Church, we exist to provide individuals an alternative option to pursuing ministry and leadership all while earning a top-rated, regionally accredited degree from Southeastern University.

Faith Family School of Leadership sees the weight and importance of earning a degree and understands that it is one of the most essential avenues to paving the way for a student to have a future in ministry. Not only do we want to prepare students to be world- class leaders, we want to pave a way for them to get there.

This is not just a degree; it’s a program purposed in developing and growing students. Students have designated weekly hours where they work closely in various ministry tracks within the church learning not only the pieces to leadership, team building, and specific skill sets that will set them up for success in ministry but also the real-life side to it all—developing in their personal and spiritual lives, in goal setting, and in the know-how to navigate through all aspects and challenges of life. We want students to leave our program feeling equipped and fully mentored.
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At Faith Family School of Leadership, students are immersed into a dynamic culture that helps them develop an intimate relationship with Christ and empowers them to represent Him in their everyday world. We strive to provide an environment where students have fun and grow relationally, and we’re purposeful in cultivating an environment where all are welcomed.


Faith Family School of Leadership
8200 Freedom Ave NW
North Canton, OH 44720